Air France + Gluten Free Meal = ?

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006 | click here to comment

I was browsing through some of my older pictures and I discovered a photo I took of my gluten free meal during my recent trip to France (May 2006). Let's face it, airline food is generally horrifying, unless you have the pleasure of flying First Class. I always make sure to pack a ton of gluten free snacks and sandwiches whenever I fly or take trips but I was really curious to see what Air France would offer as a gluten free selection.I called them up and requested my "special" meal and wondered what kind of slop they would feed me.

Fast forward to the trip! During food service, the flight attendants came through the aisle and consulted their manifests a few times to determine which of the passengers ordered special meals. Once they figured it out they produced little card and stuck them in the seats of the "special" passengers. I felt like I had my very own gluten free country flag. After a few minutes, they brought out the food and placed it in front of me. I stared at it for a while and pondered my next step. I decided to peel open the main course dish first. I found a sickening bland looking fish staring up at me, which proceeded to assail my nostrils in that special way that only airline fish can master. I promptly resealed the dish because I have a very strict policy about ever eating fish on a plane, there is something about the chance of severe food poisoning striking me at 35,000 feet in the air that makes me a bit cautious.

Air France Gluten-Free

The rest of the meal consisted of some gluten free bread (which I didn't try), some strange chicken/carrot salad thing, a dessert (and I use that term loosely) of sweetened dehydrated apples and raisins, and some lactose free yogurt. Oh, and cheese, of course. The apple/raisin thing was weird and overly sweet so I covered it back up. The carrot/chicken thing was too scary and smelled a bit weird, so I left that alone too. I did eat the yogurt thing, since anything lactose free piques my interest (sadly lactose and I are on the outs). The yogurt was actually really tasty. It tasted a bit like vanilla custard and was nicely chilled. After my analysis of the meal, I concluded that I was right to bring my own food and will continue to do so, unless airline food becomes mysteriously wonderful in the near future, which I seriously doubt. 


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